How Cooking at home was born

Club Noor

by Francesca Busso

How Cooking@home was born

This beautiful experience started three years ago when I meet Cristina, my partner “in crime”.

We were both on the lookout for teacher to help improve our English conversation skills. When we chatted,

we realized that we have the same passion – food! This set us thinking that we could something together

on Italian cuisine as Italian food is loved by all. And so was born our own little baby, “Cooking@home”.

Cooking@home is all about Italian cooking. The sessions last two hours and we teach our students to

create a 3-course menu, complete with starter, main course and dessert. The best part of our cookery

classes is at the end, when we gather around the table to eat what we’ve cooked up that day. It’s true that

the best conversations are had over great food.

For me, food has made way to connect with new people. People come for classes not just to learn Italian

cooking but to understand the quintessence of Italian culture and to meet new people.

Living in the fantastic global and multicultural city of Dubai has made us meet people from all corners of

the globe.

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