Weekend in Dubai

Club Noor

by Francesca Busso

Its perfect weather to enjoy the outdoors!

I live at JBR and I prefer to relax and enjoy during my weekends. On Fridays, when I wake up, I usually prepare breakfast for myself and a coffee for my husband, he does not like sweets except for the yogurt cake that I make for him. I pass my weekend mornings by surfing Instagram, chatting on Skype with family and organizing lunch with friends. We spend most of our time in the shopping complex by The Beach, and we do a late alfresco lunch at a restaurant with beautiful views of the sea. Then we spend the rest of the day on the beach or watching a movie.

Most Friday nights we go out to restaurants and clubs, or we visit our friends, otherwise we invite them over to our home, and I cook for them.

On Saturdays, either I sun bathe by the beach with a good book, visit the closest organic market or go some place and do something special. We usually end our weekends with a pizza delivered home.

I wish this weather could last forever!

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