• Club Noor

The only Club that welcomes freshers with a 3 course meal!

If this is your first time around here, then you deserve a sweet sugar quoted welcome, much like a qatayef, stuffed with cream and nuts!

Welcome to Club Noor.

A Club where women who share the same passion for food and for life, come together to celebrate individual expression!

For the spontaneous, vibrant, balanced and discerning woman of today. If you like what you see, we’d be happy to have you on board.

Behind a happy home, there is a woman with supernatural powers!

How do we do it? Well, let them keep guessing. We know that for a multi-tasker like yourself, time is of essence. You are the nurturer of relationships, the provider of comfort, the caretaker of your clan and if you don a working woman’s cap, then your task is even tougher.

We all need a companion who can help us, guide us and perhaps be a confidante and a friend whom we can trust. Club Noor is our sincere effort where we join tables and minds to make your life a bit easy, inside the kitchen and also out of it.

So please feel at home, drop your hair, express yourself, make new friends, learn a few things and live the life you love!

So what’s on the menu?

We have tastefully crafted a rich collection of recipes from around the world, videos, several tips and tricks that will help you master your kitchen..

Rest assured, a ladies only club will never run out of conversations! And we intend to keep it that way.

And if you have something to say or share, the floor is all yours!

Can I get a friend along?

You most certainly can!

Tell your friends about the Club, spread the cheer and let’s create some fond memories in and out of the kitchen!