Stuffed Zucchinis

1 ½ hours


Stuffed Zucchinis Recipe
Club Noor

by Zain Al Zayani

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1 can  tomato puree

1 cube vegetable bouillon

½ kilo  soft light green zucchini, equally sized

1 cup uncooked Egyptian rice

1 bunch parsley, minced

1 tsp coriander powder

1 small  chopped tomato

1 tbsp butter (room temperature)

2 cloves  garlic, minced

1 lemon, juiced

Salt and pepper to taste

2 tbsp Noor Oil



Stuffed vegetables are common in Bahraini cuisine, be it potatoes, sweet peppers, tomatoes or zucchinis. But zucchinis are the best because they cook faster and absorb the tangy flavors of the tomato sauce.

Steps Involved:

Heat Noor Oil on medium heat in a thick bottomed pot, add the pureed tomato, a dash of black pepper and the bouillon cube. Cover and cook for a few minutes. Once cooked; keep the pot aside.

Clean the zucchini by cutting its ends, peel half the skin, remove the core of the zucchini and keep the zucchini and the core aside.

In a bowl, mix uncooked rice, parsley, coriander powder, chopped tomato and butter together. Add salt and pepper as required. Gently stuff the zucchinis with the rice mixture tightly with your finger, until ¾ full (leave space for the rice to expand while cooking). Use finger to ensure the rice is stuffed tight.

Carefully place the stuffed zucchinis in the tomato sauce. Make sure that the zucchinis are fully immersed. Bring the pot to boil, then reduce heat and leave it to simmer for an hour. Shake the pan in between or the zucchinis might stick to the bottom of the pan.

Note: Do not stir the contents in the pot with a spoon or ladle, as it may break the zucchini. Just before serving, stir in the garlic and sprinkle some lemon juice.


Stuffed zucchinis are best served with boiled rice. It also goes well with mashed potatoes.


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