Fish Pakoras with Kachumber Salad

20 minutes

Makes4-6 (appetizer portion)servings

Fish Pakoras with Kachumber Salad  Recipe
Club Noor

by Saba Wahid

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For the fish marinade:

1 lbs  cod or preferred fish (cut into 1” wide strips)

Pinch of turmeric

¼ cup  lemon juice

For the pakora batter:

2 cups  of gram flour

2 tsp  cumin seeds

1 tsp  chili powder

1 tsp  sea salt

½ tsp  turmeric

2 tsp  ajwain

1 tsp  baking soda

1 cup  water

For the kachumber salad:

1 med  shallot or 2 small shallots (cut into strips)

2 small  persian cucumbers (seeded and cut into strips)

2 small  medium chilies (seeded and cut into strips)

¼ cup  chopped coriander

2 tbsp  apple cider vinegar

salt to taste (preferably sea salt)

Noor Oil for frying



Pakoras are an essential part of Indian street food. These pakoras use fish cut into bite-sized pieces and are steeped in spices before being deep-fried. They make irresistible party appetizers and can be prepared very quickly.

Steps Involved:

To prepare the kachumber salad:

Combine all the vegetables and herbs together, lastly add the cider vinegar and salt to taste. Set aside.

To make fish pakoras:

Preheat Noor Oil in a large wok or pan to a medium temperature for frying.

Marinate the fish strips in turmeric and lemon juice and set aside for approximately 10 minutes.

Combine all the ingredients except water and mix through. Mix in water ½ cup at a time to make sure you get the right consistency. Note: It should be pastey, not too watery or it won’t stick to the fish.

Take the fish strips, one piece at a time, dip them into the batter and then directly into the Noor Oil to fry.

They should take about 3-4 minutes to fry. Remove them from Noor Oil and place them on a paper towel lined plate.

To serve, arrange the pakoras in a shallow bowl and top with the kachumber salad, and a dash of sea salt.



The fish pakoras can even be served with tomato ketchup or mint chutney as well.

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