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Falafel Recipe
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1 medium  onion (chopped)

8 garlic cloves (crushed)

cups broad beans

¼ cup parsley (chopped)

¼ cup coriander (chopped)

½ cup leeks (chopped)

1 tsp dried coriander

½ tsp baking soda

1 tbsp water

Salt to taste

¼ tbsp chilli

¼ tbsp cumin

¼ tbsp pepper

¼ tbsp sesame seeds

500 ml Noor Oil (for deep frying)



A deep fried round patty made of broad beans, which is normally served inside pita bread with vegetables as a Falafel sandwich. 

Steps Involved:

Wash beans well, allowing them to soak in water for 8 hours, while changing water every 3 hours. Strain and keep aside.

Put all the ingredients namely soaked beans, onion, cloves, parsley, coriander and leeks in a food processor, add little water if required and make it into a fine dough.

Dissolve the baking soda in water, add to the dough. Add cumin, chilli, and pepper to the dough and knead well with your hands to ensure all ingredients are well combined.

Shape the dough into small balls, wrap them with sesame seed and gently flatten with your palm to the shape of a thick disk.

Deep fry these disks in hot Noor Oil for a few minutes, until the colour changes to golden brown.

Serve hot, bon appétit!

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