Jelly and Apricot Trifle

30 minutes


Jelly and Apricot Trifle  Recipe
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½ kg sponge cake (Vanilla flavor)

1 packet custard powder (Vanilla)

Jelly – raspberry or strawberry flavor

Apricots (canned) with syrup

Tall glass for serving individually

Making Custard

2 ½ cups milk

2 tbsp custard powder

4 tsp sugar



Make a celebration out of your meal with this jelly and apricot trifle, presented with flair and finesse.

Steps Involved:

Making Jelly 

Make the Jelly as per the instructions on the pack. Cool and refrigerate in a glass bowl. 

Chop the canned apricots and retain the syrup. 

Add custard powder  and sugar to the milk  & mix well without any lumps.

When the milk is boiled, stir well on low fire for 5 minutes. Remove from fire & cool it.

In the layering step, add the following: Top this with jelly and apricots. Spoon the custard over the fruits.  


Crumble the cake and pour the syrup from the can on top. Arrange it as the first layer in the serving glass. 

Top this with jelly and apricots.

Repeat the layers till the glass gets filled. 

Top with a apricot piece if needed.

Spoon the custard over the fruits. 

Chill in the refrigerator till time for serving. 

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