Meat Briwat

40 minutes


Meat Briwat Recipe
Club Noor

by Lama Haddadin

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500 gm  minced meat (beef or lamb or its mix)

500 gm  phyllo pastry

2 onions (chopped fine)

2 tbsp  coriander leaves (chopped fine)

1 tbsp  parsley

1 egg

Sprinkle black pepper (according to taste)

Cumin (according to taste)

Red chili (according to taste)

Ground cinnamon (according to taste)

Salt (to taste)

50 gm butter

Noor Oil



Serves up well as a great tea time snack, for friends and family.

Steps Involved:

Use a frying pan, heat butter, add onions and toss it around till it turns golden, then add in the meat, cumin, chili, black pepper, parsley and coriander as well as salt and cook well.

Once the meat is done, set it aside to cool down.

Use the phyllo pastry and place a spoonful of meat in the middle of the pastry and wrap it up, sealing it with egg wash. In the same manner, finish up all the filling in the phyllo pastry squares. Keep the prepared Briwat’s aside.

Heat up Noor Oil in the deep frying pan and fry the briwats till golden and crispy.


Serve Briwats hot with a side of greens, yoghurt and chili dip.


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