Classic Club Sandwich

15 minutes


Classic Club Sandwich  Recipe
Club Noor

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6 slices white bread (toasted and buttered)

200 gm cooked chicken (shredded)

4 pieces turkey (thinly sliced and toasted)

4 slices tomatoes

2 lettuce leaves

2 tbsp mayonnaise (Light)

Pickles (sliced)




Here’s how to create the perfect club sandwich that remains a quintessential favourite for those looking for a quick bite to eat. 

Steps Involved:

Lay 3 slices of buttered bread on a tray and arrange the chicken pieces on the buttered side.  

Spread the mayonnaise on the other 3 slices of toast.

Layout the tomato slices, lettuce leaves and turkey on top of the chicken. 

Cover with the other piece of toast.

Cut the sandwich into quarters and hold it in place with the help of toothpicks. 

Serve with fries and pickles.

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