Noor’s perfect Bruschetta

15 minutes


Noor’s perfect Bruschetta  Recipe
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6 half inch thick slices Italian bread

3 medium ripe tomatoes chopped well

1-2 clove garlic cut in half

2 oz salted fresh mozzarella cubed

3 large fresh basil leaves thinly sliced

Salt & Pepper to season



Bruschetta is an appetizer that features fresh tomatoes, seasoned with garlic and basil.

Steps Involved:

Grill the bread slices on an indoor grill. (You can also toast them as an option)

While it is warm rub the garlic piece over the toast. This will ensure that the flavor of garlic gets into the toast well. 

In a small bowl mix the tomatoes, basil and cheese. 

Season with salt and pepper. 

Divide this mixture onto the toasts. 

Serve as a delicious appetizer. 

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