Roasted Chicken with lemon & herb

2 hours


Roasted Chicken with lemon & herb Recipe
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1 kg whole chicken

Fresh thyme (minced)

Fresh rosemary (minced)

4 tbsp butter

4 tbsp (ground) pepper

2 tsp garlic (minced)

1 large lemon (sliced into halves)




Give a twist to your roast chicken with lemon and herb.

Steps Involved:

Clean and wash the whole chicken. 

Rub inside out of the chicken with salt and (ground) pepper. 

Keep in the refrigerator overnight. 

Preheat oven to 375°F 

Put the lemon halves, half of the (minced)thyme and(minced) garlic into the chicken. 

Place the remaining thyme and butter under the chicken. 

Place the chicken in the oven and roast for 30 - 45minutes till the chicken has become golden and the thigh meat pulls easily away from the bone.

Remove the chicken from the oven and remove the lemon pieces placed inside. 

Serve with rosemary and potato wedges. 

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