Shish Taouk

45 minutes


Shish Taouk Recipe
Club Noor

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500 gms chicken

1 cup yoghurt

10 cloves garlic cloves (crushed)

1 tbsp  red pepper powder

1 tbsp curry spices

1 tsp black ground pepper

½ tsp all spice powder

½ cup lemon juice

Salt to taste



A common barbeque item, which has succulent chicken pieces marinated and grilled to perfection. 

Steps Involved:

For marinating: In a bowl, mix yoghurt with crushed garlic, salt, lemon juice, and spices namely red pepper powder, curry spices, black pepper and all spice powders. In this marinade, steep the chicken pieces and leave aside for 4 hours or more to infuse the rich flavors.

Preheat the oven to 150°C.

Place marinated chicken pieces into skewers.

Grill the chicken pieces for 30 minutes, until soft and well cooked.

Note: Alternatively you could cook the chicken pieces pan fried too.

Shish Taouk is now ready to be served along with bread and garlic sauce.

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