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Gazpacho Recipe
Club Noor

by Marta Yanci

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1 kg ripe tomatoes

1 cucumber

Red wine vinegar (to taste)

50 g  bread (or as needed to thicken the soup)

2-3 tbsp Noor Oil



Gazpacho is a very traditional Spanish cold soup. It originates in the South of Spain, where peasants who used to work the lands in the Middle Ages, would keep the rotten tomatoes, mix them with hard bread and oil and would it that as a main meal.

Today’s version is a lot more appealing, and packed with vitamins. So very healthy and refreshing!

Steps Invovled

Add all the ingredients to a blender jar, except for the bread and Noor Oil. Blend till smooth; now add the Noor Oil in a slow trickle. Finally add the bread and blend till it reaches your desired consistency.

Refrigerate and serve cold garnished with some chopped tomato, onion or croutons.


This cold soup can be served with slices of ciabatta and olive oil for dipping, and some herbed goat cheese for spreading on the bread.

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