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Mezze Recipe
Club Noor

by Lama Haddadin

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For Liver and Garlic:

500 gms chicken liver

1 clove  garlic (chopped)

Some pomegranate molasses

Salt & pepper to taste

Noor Oil

For Sauteed Spinach

1 bag  spinach leaves (washed & drained)

1 small  onion (chopped)

1 tsp lemon juice

Salt to taste

Noor Oil

For Fried Aubergine

1 aubergine (sliced)

Sumac to taste

Lemon juice to taste

Salt to taste

Noor Oil

For Tomato pan

4 tomato

1 large onion (chopped)

1 tsp paprika

1 green pepper

1 tbsp tomato sauce

2 garlic cloves, minced

salt to taste

Noor Oil



On weekends when my family does not feel like having a heavy meal there is always a need for a light lunch full of rich flavors and a variety bursting with vivid colors. Middle Eastern cuisine has so much to offer but we can always have our own twists to the traditional recipes, only to make them tastier.

Preparation For Liver and Garlic

Steps Involved:

Place a pan with a dash of oil on the flame; once the Noor Oil is hot, add minced garlic to the pan.

As the aroma of the garlic exudes, add in the chicken liver and sauté well in low heat.

Watch as it turns dark and start tossing it around to make sure all sides are getting cooked.

Add a dollop of pomegranate molasses (sour variety) and watch it coat the liver in a beautiful color.

Just before you turn off the cooker increase the flame to the max, sprinkle some salt, pepper and add another generous dollop of pomegranate molasses.

The yummy liver in an amazing sauce is now ready to be served.

Preparation For Sauteed Spinach

Steps Involved:

In a deep pan, add a dash of Noor Oil and place it on a flame. Add in the onions and allow it to be golden brown in color.

Now add the spinach leaves and reduce the heat.

As the water evaporates from the leaves, they will shrink. Once the leaves are well cooked and flavorsome, remove from the fire and add some salt to taste a teaspoon of lemon juice.

Preparation For Fried Aubergine

Steps Involved:

Place a frying pan on the fire and pour some Noor Oil for deep frying. Add in the slices of aubergine when the Noor Oil is hot and fry them until they are golden brown.

Strain the aubergine and dry them on a kitchen towel.

Sprinkle some salt and add a dash of sumac and lemon juice.

Preparation For Tomato pan

Steps Involved:

In a deep saucepan, add a small amount of Noor Oil and put it on the fire. Add the onion and garlic and Sautee them.

Add chopped tomatoes, when the tomatoes almost done add the green pepper, paprika, salt and a spoon of tomato sauce and mix together for two minutes.

You can add more chilli when the dish matures to keep its shape and taste delicious.


The result is a colourful table with so many tasty flavourful dishes. Usually these are best served with Arabic pita bread as it is the best way to dip into these dishes. You will find the experience much appreciated if you add a salad on the side and/or a plate of mixed pickles.

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