Oozy Plate

30 minutes


Oozy Plate  Recipe
Club Noor

by Lama Haddadin

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onion (chopped)

1  tbsp  Arabic spices

tbsp  cumin

1  tsp  ground cardamom

1  tbsp  turmeric

Chicken stock

cup peas (you can use frozen)

cup  carrots (diced)

700 gm  beef (cubed)

cups  long grain rice

¼ cup  almonds (blanched & halved)

¼ cup  pine nuts

Noor Oil

Salt to taste


Steps Involved:

Add some Noor Oil in a big pan and sear the beef on both sides, adding some spices to it thereby seeping extra flavor into the hot oil. Remove the beef and set it aside. Add more oil into the pan sauté the carrots and then add rice to toast it along with peas and some spices.

Return the beef to the pan now and cover with chicken stock till the stock stays over the rice by ½ a cm. Cover and simmer on low heat.

Meanwhile in a small frying pan, put some Noor Oil and fry the nuts to a golden color and start reading the plate for garnishing. Make sure the nuts are fried separately and removed when they are light golden in order to give them space to cook on heat after draining from the hot pan (do not burn the nuts).

Once your rice is ready you can serve the plate with garnish of nuts on top and maybe a sprinkle of some greens like parsley or coriander as a garnish.

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