Spiced Rice with Meat Stuffed Phyllo Pockets

40 minutes


Spiced Rice with Meat Stuffed Phyllo Pockets  Recipe
Club Noor

by Maisaa Meqdadi

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2 cups  jasmine rice

½ kg  ground beef

1 small  onion

1 tsp all spice

1 tsp ground cardamom

1 tsp  turmeric

½ tsp  cinnamon

tsp  salt

½ tsp  black pepper

1 cup peas

2 tbsp  ghee

5 tbsp  Noor Oil, used for frying the meat and cooking the rice

1 pack (500gm) phyllo dough

¼ cup  pine nuts

1 cube  chicken stock with 4 cups water



Here is an excellent recipe for ouzi (qouzi) rice. This is a Middle Eastern styled dish pockets, served during special occasions in a very simple fashion, follow these steps below for a great flavorful dish.

Steps Involved:

Fry the onions in 2 tbsp Noor Oil until soft, add the minced meat, season with ½ tsp cinnamon, salt and pepper. Cook the meat for 7 to 10 minutes, and set it aside.

Fry some pine nuts and keep aside.

Mix the rice with ground meat, and all the spices and cook it with 4 cups of water, add in the chicken cube as well, until fluffy and tender.

Meanwhile, cook the peas in water until tender, strain and keep aside.

Once the rice is cooked, mix it with peas and the pine nuts.

Now, take a medium sized bowl, and 3 sheets of the phyllo dough, line the sheets in the bowl, fill in rice (around 5 tbsp), close the sheets, and turn it over, place them in a baking tray that is lined with a baking paper.

Brush them with ghee, for flavor and color, bake in an oven until they take on a nice color.


Serve immediately while crisp, with plain yoghurt at the side or cucumber and yoghurt salad.

You can prepare this dish well ahead and just bake it before serving. This a famous dish in the Middle East, that is very easy to prepare. This is normally served when there are so many guests. This dish is considered a full meal because it has rice , vegetable, and meat.

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