Vine Leaves and Squash

90 minutes

Makes4 - 5servings

Vine Leaves and Squash Recipe
Club Noor

by Lama Haddadin

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1 ½ cup rice

500 gms ground lamb/beef

Salt and pepper to season

Noor Oil

Other ingredients:

500 gms vine leaves

1 kg baby squash

Salt to taste

1 large tomato sliced

¾ cup lemon juice



The taste is definitely heavenly as the sour tones of the vines leaves and lemon juice meld sensationally with the rest of the ingredients. It is  painstaking and time consuming yet a rewarding culinary experience once made and served.

Steps Involved:

Stuffing preparation:

In a deep bowl mix all the stuffing ingredients together namely rice, ground meat, salt and pepper with a generous dash of Noor Oil. Keep it aside for later.

Vine leaves preparation:

Dip the vine leaves in a pot filled with boiling water for 10 seconds and remove them, keep them aside.

Start with one vine leaf at a time, pick a leaf spread it on a flat surface and place one teaspoon of stuffing prepared above in the middle forming a straight line.

Fold the sides inwards first and roll to warp. Make sure the stuffing is completely covered and the vine leaf is tightly wrapped. Repeat same procedure with all the other vine leaves.

Trim the tips of the squash and scoop out the core with a corer by piercing the top. Remove the contents within, leaving sufficient outer skin to hold the stuffing.

Stuff the squash to three fourths full, do not press on the filling and stuff it in with force as the squash could break up when cooking.

Take a large deep pan and layer it with few tomato slices on the bottom, place vine leaves and squash above, sprinkle some salt and cover with lemon juice and water to the top of the contents.

Bring the liquids to boil once and lower the heat and allow it to slowly simmer well for around 40 minutes, use a cracked cover on the pan.

Check the vine leaves, if the rice is cooked then increase the flame to dry all the liquids.


Serve prepared vine leaves with some yogurt on the side and a tossed vegetable salad.  

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