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Samboosas Recipe
Club Noor

by Zain Al Zayani

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One block haloumi cheese, shredded

1 tbsp  dried mint

1 tbsp  dried sumac

1 packet samboosa sheets

400 gm green lentils

2 tbsp  flour mixed with water until paste consistency is achieved

Noor Oil for frying



Samboosas are a sinful starter. For those watching their weight, it cannot be resisted. It is a constant on the Ramadan dining table and stuffings vary from simple cheddar cheese to exotic ‘pizza’ fillings.  

Steps Involved:

Shred haloumi cheese, squeeze out any excess water.

Mix in cooked green lentils, dried mint and sumac until well incorporated. Add salt if necessary. Make a cone of each samboosa sheet. Stuff a cone with a portion of the prepared filling. Seal the edges carefully with the help of the flour-water paste.

Once done, heat Noor Oil and wait until it ‘sizzles’.

Fry until golden brown, dry on paper towel and enjoy immediately.


Serve the samboosas hot with ketchup or chilly sauce.

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