Fried Vegetables

15 minutes + 5 minutes (cooking)


Fried Vegetables Recipe
Club Noor

by Francesca Busso

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2 potatoes

2 zucchini

2 carrots

1 liter Noor Oil for frying

salt to taste

some flour

some flour sprig of rosemary



This is a nice finger food that could be served with your aperitifs.

Steps Involved:

Wash the vegetables, peel the carrots and potatoes.

Cut them into julienne, or long thin strips.

Put them in a bowl with very cold water, you could add some ice cubes, let them rest for a while, drain and repeat until the water is completely clean.

Dry the vegetables well with a kitchen towel.

Gather them into a large bowl, sprinkle with salt and set aside for about fifteen minutes, so it loses a lot of its water content.

Drain the vegetables and dry gently on a kitchen towel again.

Flour quickly and sift to remove the excess flour.

In a large pan heat Noor Oil and fry a few threads of vegetables at a time, remove and drain them when they become a light gold color.

If necessary season with salt and serve hot.


You can cook seafood in the same way calamari, baby octopus, small shrimp etc.

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