Sfouf Be Debes

10 minutes


Sfouf Be Debes Recipe
Club Noor

by Lama Haddadin

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2 cups  semolina flour

2 tsp  baking powder

1 tsp  aniseed powder

1 cup  kharoub molasses

1 cup  milk/water

1 tbsp  tahini

Handful of sesame seeds (optional)

1 cup  



This Lebanese origin delight is definitely unique and tackles a different set of taste buds that you never knew you had. The mix of sweet “debes” molasses instead of sugar takes this dessert to another level. 

Steps Involved:

Preheat your oven to 180°C.

Mix the semolina flour, aniseed powder and baking powder in a bowl.

Add the Noor Oil, molasses and milk and keep mixing until they combine well to a smooth batter.

Grease your pan with tahini and pour the batter in, making sure it is evenly spread, from centre to edges. Bake for 30 minutes. Once done, test if well cooked with a toothpick.

Allow to cool down well. Cut into squares and serve with tea.


Kharoub molasses can be substituted with date or grape molasses, as per your preferences.

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