a RED harvest

Club Noor

by Dinusha Jayatillake

During the winter months I planted a few Thai red chilli seeds,also known as Bird’s Eye chilli - those fiery hot peppers used generously in Thai curries and stir-fries. I did not expect them to grow at all, let alone bear fruit, but it wasn’t long before tiny green shoots started to sprout out of the pot.

These eventually grew into a couple of sturdy plants with beautiful emerald green leaves. I still kept my fingers crossed as there have been many instances where a healthy looking plant suddenly withered away and died. But not this one. One fine morning I found it studded with delicate white flowers, which were eventually replaced by tiny green chillies a few weeks later.

The first ripe chillistood out like a bright red flame among the green ones which were still turning red.My little harvest went into a lovely Thai red curry and a scorching hot som-tum (green papaya salad).

I’m not much of a gardener, but nothing beats the joy of harvesting, cooking and then savouring the fruits of your labour!

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