DIY - Charming Little Jam Jar Vases

Club Noor

by Dinusha Jayatillake

Don’t throw away those jam jars. Re-purpose them!

Jams, preserves and even certain oils and vinegars come in lovely glass jars and bottles of various shapes and sizes. I have a cupboard full of these. One of my favourite things to do with old jam jars is to use them as vases. When you have guests coming over and you want a pretty table setting but do not have the time for fancy table décor, these little “vases” make stunning table centre pieces.

All you need is a couple of old clean jam jars of different heights, a pretty ribbon, a bit of raffia and fresh flowers. Fasten the ribbon around the centre of eachof the jarswith a little transparent tape and tie a few strands of raffia over the ribbon; the vases are now ready.
Fill them with water and colourful flowers and place them along the centre of your dining table together with a few tea lights in decorative glass holders. Voilà! You’ve got yourself a gorgeous table centerpiece, donein less than an hour!

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