Make your party pop with diy paper fans

Club Noor

by Dinusha Jayatillake

When it comes to party décor I like to do the decorations myself. I often use these gorgeous paper fans to create a stunning backdrop.Follow these simple steps for an amazing, colorful backdrop for your next party:

Things you will need:

•Colour paper cut into rectangles - size of the rectangles can vary depending on how big/small you want your paper fans.

•Double-sided tape

•Glue gun


•Paper cut outs, circles, jewels, beads, etc. for decoration

1.Take the rectangle paper and fold into 1cm accordion - style pleats, starting lengthwise for larger fans and breadthwise for smaller fans. Firmly crease each pleat with your fingers. Fold the pleated piece to the shape of a fan.

2.Stick ends of the pleats and then stick the two ends lined up together.

3.Use four of these fans for a large medallion.

4.Stick all four fans together. If using beads, paper cut outs, etc. fasten them in the middle of each medallion using a glue gun.

5.You will need many of these medallions in different sizes and colours to create an attractive backdrop.

6.Stick the paper fans to the wall. Voilà! Aren’t they pretty?

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