Tomatoes do NOT grow in boxes

Club Noor

by Dinusha Jayatillake

Children nowadays, do not know how vegetables are grown nor where they come from. Apart from the superficial aspects that milk comes in boxes, eggs in cartons, fruits and vegetables in plastic packaging; they are not aware of what goes behind the scenes. In this blog, I want to help you teach your little one to appreciate and learn more about food and the natural world surrounding them.

A visit to a local farm: Most of the local farms, open their doors to the public during the cooler months between October and March, some even allow visitors to harvest their own vegetables. This is a great opportunity to expose your kids to animal husbandry and vegetable farming.

By growing vegetables at home: My son has recently developed a deep interest for gathering seeds and planting them. In order to encourage this, I got him his own planter and a bag of soil. He plants any seeds he gets his hands on, now we have tomatoes, beetroots and few unidentifiable plants growing in his pots.

Show them videos and read them books related to the topic.

Oh, and be prepared to answer a million questions to satisfy their curious little minds!

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