From the Baby Shower to his first birthday

Club Noor

by Francesca Busso

I cannot believe that a year has passed so quickly!

Last January, when I returned from my Christmas holidays, I was so excited because one of my best friends in town and my cooking @home partner Cristina, was approaching her delivery date. I decided to get busy organizing a baby shower for her. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it a surprise party because the party was organized at her apartment. Though, on the date of the party, we managed to keep her out of her house for a bit!

While shopping for the party, I was surprised to see so many thematic balloons, napkins, dishes etc. EVERYTHING was available! We prepared a sweet and salty buffet with simple and yummy things like savory cakes, sweet and soft pies, croissants with cheese and salmon, muffins and cute crostinis.

We all enjoyed the afternoon. All our guests went home with some of the food and a sweet homemade “Ginger Giovanni”.

Now that Giovanni is almost a year old, we are thinking on how to organize a surprise 1st year birthday party for him.

I can hardly wait for this next celebration!

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