Photo Food Seminar

Club Noor

by Francesca Busso

Since I started Cooking @ home as an entrepreneur, I take care of all image production requirements. We only use our phone cameras because we don’t have sufficient time, especially during the lessons. However, great images are an absolute must, including post processing, therefore I started learning tips and tricks from good photographers. I downloaded new applications and I registered into an instagram account, here I find a lot of inspiration! It is through instagram, I was informed that Sukaina Rajabali, a food photographer based in Dubai, was invited by Gulf Photo Plus to hold a “Photo Food Seminar”. I signed up for the event.

It was a great experience for me. Sukaina is so talented, she gave us many good tips regarding light, angles, composition, props and good shots! The funniest bit is that, a good photo is taken from above, which will mean you will have to climb on the chair to take a good shot and imagine if I were in a restaurant!, Haha, next time I am going to try that, I am not sure if my pics will come out any better, but for sure I know that I will make many a people laugh. 

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