Teenage dreams don’t die young

Club Noor

by Francesca Busso

Turning back the clock to the year 1994, I remember the exact date as well; it was the 18th of April. I was a 15-year old teenager and a big fan of the boy band, “Take That”. They were having a live concert in Milan, but my parents thought I was way too young to travel all the way to Milan to see them perform. No amount of convincing could make them change their minds. 

The band came back to perform in Italy two years later, but my interest had waned by then as Robbie Williams had left the group. 

I am an ardent Robbie Williams fan and I follow his every song and album. I have always cherished a dream to see him perform live.

Now coming back to the present; it finally happened! My dream did come true. On the 25th of April, we were there at Yas Island as Robbie performed as part of his “Let me entertain you” tour. And it was AMAZING! He played a few new songs and some of the all time favourites. And did we dance… for almost 2 hours!

It took me more than 20 years but my dream did come true!

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