Eat what’s in season

Club Noor

by Maisaa Meqdadi

My first rule of cooking for my family and in my cooking classes is to plan my weekly menu according to what's in season.Check out what's in season all year-round, and plan your shopping accordingly.

In the Levant, April is the season for fresh thyme. I got fresh thyme leaves from Jordan and I love preparing dishes that have fresh thyme leaves as the main ingredient like kaa'kكعك بسمسم -the scrumptious sesame bread and cheese sandwiches.

I also enjoy making my signature thyme and white cheese cake. It is a savourycake that’s just perfect for breakfast. It works well for my kids’ school lunchbox too. It is such a healthy and delicious recipe to bake for your family.

When I was growing up in Jordan, in spring, we used to gorge on fruits such as green almonds, loquats and roasted chickpeas.

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