Making Art Along With My Boys, Using Junk Items

Club Noor

by Maisaa Meqdadi

Along with my two boys, I often make fancy items using unwanted materials. It could be something like cheese glass jars or unwanted furniture from friends or neighbors, or even items like stones and seashells. As you may be aware, that I am a civil engineer by profession, therefore, I am very keen into the details, I have a good eye for perfection and the use of high quality materials despite its high price tag.

On the other hand, I am passionate of art, decorations and things of beauty. I am often inspired by the imaginative ideas which my boys come up with and together we put our heart and soul into the things we create as a hobby.

This year, we transformed an old garden table and a trolley (I picked up from a friend of mine), into works of art, by sanding them and painting them new. We also came up with a garden centre piece, in order to do this, we painted an old huge black bowl, filled it with shells. We later placed tea candles inside recycled spreadable cheese jars and introduced them into the bowl. When we had put the whole thing together, it was very attractive, innovative centre piece made at no additional cost.

I am astounded with what we come up every time, in the same manner, please involve your children and encourage them to bring out their creativity, right from an early age.

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