Trying Something New

Club Noor

by Maisaa Meqdadi

I am very lucky to be in Dubai, where the flavors of the world from 202 different nationalities converge into this one place. This exposure has widened my horizons and helped me appreciate the full spectrum and depth of different cuisines and their different food elements, vegetables, fruits, spices etc.

I am equally passionate about food, eating, traveling to different places and learning more about this big world we live in. I have never hesitated to try new tastes and new adventures, during my travels. One flavor not meant for all, yet unforgettable is the Durain fruit, the king of Asian fruits. Durian has a characteristic strong unique, odour. Some shops and hotels even have a signage outside, “Durian not allowed”. However, I have tried it way back in 2008, during my summer vacation Malaysia trip. We stopped by one of the fruit vendors in a side street. The shopkeeper selected a good fruit for me, and used a special technique to cut the fruit into half. The split fruit looked tempting, having soft white creamy pulp. That was when I tried Durian for the first time. Shopkeeper later gave me Mangosteen to clean up and refresh my mouth. My husband refused to try this fruit, he was puzzled at the way I was eating the Durian.

I often get so puzzled with this fruit, it smells like hell, yet tastes like heaven and rightly deserves to be called the king of fruits. Oh, by the way, Durian is occasionally available in Dubai as well. I highly recommend you to try it.

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