Sweet moments with my Family

Club Noor

by Maisaa Meqdadi

I can say that eating out is one of my favourite hobbies. Although, I love cooking at home and we always have food at home, I look forward to the occasions that my family and I dine out during the weekends. I enjoy dressing up well for these occasions. We explore new eateries and savor some delicious gossips during these escapades. My husband is a foodie too. Our food trips are a combination of checking out new restaurants in the city, exploring new cuisines and relishing the flavors of our world.

My boys prefer eating in Italian and Persian restaurants. Margarita Pizza remains their top choice, while Iranian yoghurt kebabs (Kebab bel alrob) with hot bread is their second choice. My husband and I prefer dining in Indian restaurants, which offer a wide selection of dishes on the menu. Yet we also love Pizzas and Kebabs. I know it is going to be impossible for me to experience all the flavors on offer, yet I can tell you that my family and I enjoy our weekly food explorations a lot.

I look forward to this Friday!

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